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What We Do

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What We Do

Cowens Employee Benefits offer advice and support on all aspects of workplace advice regardless of the size of your company. The guidance that we offer comes with a Chartered status, meaning that the advice that you receive is done so with a guarantee that we are providing the right solutions for you and your business.

We offer a breadth of support to our clients including the following:

  • Workplace pensions
  • Directors’ pensions
  • Death in service
  • Group income protection
  • Salary exchange
  • Keyman insurance
  • Shareholder protection insurance

We are entirely independent and the service that we provide is bespoke and unbiased, with our primary objective being to help employers achieve optimised results from their investment in workplace advice.

Our experience and knowledge enables us to create a workplace advice package to suit you and your business, as opposed to a one size fits all off the shelf package. You can be confident that the solutions we provide to you are based on your exact needs.

We work alongside you to implement our advice smoothly and efficiently, assisting you with communicating with your employees, so they fully understand the benefits that they receive. In turn, we will ensure that you receive maximum value for money from your investment.

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